Marketing – it’s never ending torture

12 Dec

Smiling to myself.

My boss (one of four dotted across the country) has remarked that submitting multi-million dollar tenders is so much easier.

is always a finite date on which they finish. Deadlines.

Not so with marketing. Marketing is “never ending torture”.

My thoughts are that at least in the three years of working with him (he is a perfectionist) we are both privelaged to have learnt much from each other and have exchanged two sets of values:

He has taught me that I am anything but perfect. Attention to detail is not my foray but that my personality makes up for it!

And I have taught him that marketing is a function. It needs to always strum along nicely in the background and should never ever be neglected.


Infographics – A Unique Approach to Conveying Complex Information Simply

2 Jan

I love media rich information, particularly when I can digest many facts at a glance and have fun whilst doing so.

Infograms are becoming increasingly more common – and in fact, they were always in existence, we were just never very good at them! is a source of constant entertainment. If you want to receive brilliant summations of anything under the sun, I recommend subscribing to their free eNewsletters.

Slideshare has also recently posted an informative article 5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Infographic.


An Open Marketplace

19 Nov

Rainbow fishEver felt ripped off by a contractor?

Ever been ripped of AS A CONTRACTOR?

Well, with the advent of sites such as 99 Designs and ODesk, users of digital technology can simply jump online and select from a huge source of talent.

Life hiring the right person for the job, or doing the job as the contractor, got a little bit easier.

The aspect that I love is the fact that I can work with highly skilled communications, graphic, web and design personnel all over the world. People who show great business acumen and deliver superior service finally win.

Occasionally one of my best contacts will drop off line – literally. However I cannot be harsh. Their work is done in an environment where they’re sitting in 37 degrees Celsius, 85 percent humidity and chickens are clamouring over their keyboard. I will be visiting them in India soon!

Blur Group is my latest discovery. Sign up for free if you want to source content projects, including copywriting, PR, video, ad copy, technical writing and more.

Buying and selling services has never been this competitive and fun. Someone with half a creative peanut in their brain and digital media ability can reap benefits.

Furthermore it does not matter if you’re a whale shark or an itsy bitsy rainbow fish. The whole marketplace is more open and fair.

We live in a Rich Digital World – or do we?

14 Oct

Think Tank The_European_NTO_Digital_BenchmarkSome interesting stats in Think Digital’s NTO Digital Benchmark report (EUR). It is based on the European Tourism sector but some of the key observations about content, engagement, mobile devices etc ring true.

Adopt or be left behind.

Just reflect back on how seriously you consider a website (tourism tilt or other)with different fonts, styles and poor graphics. Unless there is no other option, you’re unlikely going to give it more than a milliseconds glance.

So Shall We Live This Life

1 Sep


To distant lands we travel far
With juice and fruits
We go by car
And plane we head o’er mountains bold
For this is not
Our decade’s hold
Along the earth’s gaze we trek
Through stars and water
River neck
To stop and look
Along the beaten way
Critters and stories only
Keep us Stay
Upon summits up we climb
And jobs a hurdle hard we
Ravage not a dime
Flip coin toward the sun
To which we pant and gasp and
Wrench out fun
Freedom at cost
Our journey
Relentless cost
But live we shall
For nought is
Without feast of heart
Nor hell

Did you know that the image of Santa Clause was started by COKE?

24 Jul

Scary isn’t it?

I was horrified when I found out.

The expert marketer who broke this news to me is a highly successful and acclaimed tender writer.

He made me realise that we associate Coke as ‘refreshing’ even though we know how bad it is for us. Yet Coke’s branding has always led the way.

You might not be as big as Coke, which has successfully developed preconceived ideas about its brands) but believe it or not, your clients have preconceived ideas about you too.

We are all driven by emotions.

Consider what emotions drives your customers.

If you tap into these emotions using persuasive marketing (subtle conditioning not hard sell messages), you will achieve success.

Persuasive marketing will get your next ad, tender, deal across the line. Tells the Story

17 Jul

I love infograms. They are the quickest possible way our brains can absorb and digest complex information.

What’s exciting is the increasing number of websites sprouting automated infogram programs that can churn your pre-existing (and likely dull) information into something that looks slick, is easy to read and gets the point across quicker. 

A recent test of’s resume builder brought some surprising results that I simply have to share. It basically churns out Linkedin resumes into an infogram which, simple as it may sound, could certainly provide some respite to recruiters who have to wade through 1000’s of black and white, text-sodden resumes as well as provide applicants with the edge they seek (particularly in marketing, design and communication fields). has liternally churned out my online Linkedin CV (which is a cumbersome 10 page document when exported to a PDF normally) into a nice, clean, groovy infogram. What’s also great is that it has pulled out the most pertinent information only. Just enough to whet the appetite of the reader.

Check it out

Yes, it does need a little cleaning up but what a terrific improvement, don’t you think?

The example you can see is based on an Infogram that looks like a Business Card and then goes from there. Clever considering key questions that arise are based on the details on your business card – then it drills down from there.

In due course, I can only expect functionality like this will improve over time. Possible tweaks are inclusion of a profile picture, one or two recommendations in quote marks and italics and improved segmentation of data if the individual “wears multiple hats”.

What can I say other than … give it a shot? It might at least get you thinking about how to approach your complex documentation through the use of Infograms in which case, my work is done here.


A great infogram: the best time to send emails

8 Jul

A great infogram: the best time to send emails


The Conversion Prism

5 Jul

The Conversion Prism

By Brian Solis and JESS3


26 Jun

The only way you can truly lead the way is to challenge conventional thinking.

Go on.

Push your boundaries.

For the tenacious marketer who’s always leap years ahead, either realise it is easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission – or find another job.